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We Are Young - fun. feat. Janelle Monáe

Rating - 2.5/3 prongs

The first single from fun.’s newly released sophomore album is evocative, anthemic, and (pardon the pun) fun. Janelle Monáe’s guest vocals are aesthetically perfect on this track. Certainly one of the highlights of an excellent record. 

Bon Iver for 4AD

Justin Vernon and Sean Carey

Hinnom, TX.


I Can’t Make You Love Me




  • Spitting Blood
  • 14 Crowns for Me & Your Friends
  • Krusty (Papa M Cover)
  • Heavy Pop

Perth | Live | Bon Iver + The Roots

Oh, my…

N****s in Paris | Jay Z + Kanye West

Track: 2.8/3 

Video: 2.3/3

From what is arguably the best track off of a great album, noted for it’s production and its exorbitance, comes a video just as obnoxious as the album and the last video from it. The kings of hip-hop decided to take their live performance as the video, and throw in some serious editing. It’s a possible seizure inducer (as noted by the warning in the beginning) and is just a lot of flashing lights and people dancing. It’s interesting, and almost difficult to watch if you want to have good vision, but worth one or two tries.

Video Games | Live | Lana Del Rey


After her “controversial” SNL performance, Lana Del Rey went on Letterman to perform a song from that now infamous set. The controversy stems from how she presents herself. Some see it as cold, distant, and impersonal. While that may have some basis, this performance really shows what the song can offer. It’s warmly depressing while offering the cold isolation of heartbreak. Her voice seems stronger on this performance, and it really helps the song shine.

Holocene | Live | Bon Iver

Justin Vernon performing the Grammy-nominated track Holocene on tonight’s SNL.

Beth/Rest | Live | Bon Iver

From what is arguably a perfect art piece, Beth/Rest is a gorgeous, textural song that draws inspiration from music from the 80’s. The way they built this song live really shows how beautiful it is. It’s emotional, but distant. The warm synth spreads out over the firm drums comes as a wave of sound. A wonderful performance.